vBulletin IRC BOT

Created using C#, VS2008, and .NET 3.5.

This application regularly checks your forum for new posts and displays the title and URL of new posts in a specific IRC channel.


- TINYURL implementation for displaying shorter links
- Admin commands: (CHANNEL)!lastpost, (MSG)!auth , (MSG)!restart, (MSG)!shutdown, (MSG)!say
- Easy to update flat config file. You must restart the bot every time changes are made to this file.


Skip to #2 if you're not buidling your own executable.

1) Search the files for //MODIFY to see what information needs to be provided

2) Run the program once to generate a default config.txt file and then edit the said file to fit your needs. It will crash when there's no config file present.

There's a high probability that you'll face cookie problems. If you've noticed, depending on whether you're editing Program.cs or the config.txt, COOKIEURL asks you to enter your website's url without any trailing '/'s or the path to your forum's root directory. You may play around with adding 'www.' or any other subdomain name in front of your URL to see if this resolves your issues.

If you have questions drop me a line at moeb@this domain name.

Download compiled executable
Get the source code and the compiled executable
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